A Journal of the Heart and Soul



ENTRY #1 47 Candles

My name is Caitlin Fletcher. And this¬†is my journal. This particular journal is all about my move from New York to London with my Dad and kid sister Natalie. I hope you follow along. I suggest starting with Entry #1,… Continue Reading →

ENTRY #2: Vinyl Zombies

Found an old record. A vinyl one. From like the olden days. It belonged to my mom. She’s from London. Her own dad was some kind of rocker during the 1960s. He had left her all his records. I found… Continue Reading →


Today we move. From New York to London. My dad’s company is paying for me to attend a school in London with a US curriculum. The Kingshire American School in London. Ugh. Our flight leaves at 5:15 PM. I can’t… Continue Reading →

Entry #4 London

I’m here. In London. Central London. We live in an apartment on Royal Street. It’s been over a week¬†already and I still can’t believe it. I’m a little stressed and a little freaked out. My mom was from London. Know… Continue Reading →

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