Today we move. From New York to London. My dad’s company is paying for me to attend a school in London with a US curriculum. The Kingshire American School in London. Ugh.

Our flight leaves at 5:15 PM. I can’t believe I am saying that. I am leaving behind my friends. I am leaving behind a pretty cool public high school, for some uppity private school where I won’t know a single soul. Bigwig diplomats, athletes, and even rock stars send their kids to this school. My dad is just an ordinary Papa Bear (my nickname for him)!

I hate flying. The thought of not being able to get off the plane kinda makes me nervous. Okay, real nervous. Especially when we are half way across the Atlantic.
Just writing about it makes me feel breathless.

I hate my fears. Sometimes, when I’m in a mall, I freak out if I ‘m far from an exit. It’s hard to breath and I get panicky. It goes away when I find the exit and I run outside. I googled my symptoms once. It’s┬ácalled agoraphobia. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, including Dillon Slater.

Think I’ll stop writing for today.