I’m here. In London. Central London. We live in an apartment on Royal Street. It’s been over a week already and I still can’t believe it. I’m a little stressed and a little freaked out. My mom was from London. Know what’s weird? As soon as I went on online I found this song. It’s the same song my mom always sang to me when I was a kid. It’s the same song my mom always played as we danced around the living room. It’s a sixties band called The Zombies. That’s like in the olden days. The name of the song is She’s Not There!

I sang it a lot when I was a kid. My mom sang it with me. I won’t sing it anymore.

I listened to this other girl sing the song and it made me cry my eyes out.

I start school tomorrow. I am so freaking out.

I had lots of friends at my old school. Some superclose friends too. We told each other everything. I even told them about my panic attacks. They don’t judge. But now they’re back in America.

And now I have to meet new people and prove that I am not some dork or basket case and find a way to make friends without appearing desperate—even though I do feel desperate!

And what if I start hyperventilating in the middle of a class and feel the need to run out? Ugh.

Any way, here’s the song…

(It’ll probably make me cry again so I’m going to stop writing for today. Because I want to hear the song again)