My name is Caitlin Fletcher. And this is my journal. This particular journal is all about my move from New York to London with my Dad and kid sister Natalie. I hope you follow along. I suggest starting with Entry #1, then Entry #2 etc. Maybe we can become friends.

Here’s a pic of me below. My friend Josh is an illustrator, and he drew this “cartoon” version of me. Pretty cool, dontcha think?

CAITLINAnyway, there’s a thunderstorm outside. Kind of fitting. I’m not having the best day. I’m feeling kind of anxious. All I want to do is crawl into bed with a good book and ignore the world. I guess there is something soothing about when the weather reflects your mood. We learned about that in Lit class. I think it’s called pathetic fallacy?

Anyway, the power is out and so I’m sitting here writing by candlelight. My dad lit candles throughout our apartment. Kind of cool right? Like
in the old days? (I mean, I’m only 13, so I guess I don’t really know what the ‘old’ days felt like…but I can use my imagination!)

Today happens to be my mom’s birthday. Not that I care that much. She basically kinda disappeared four years ago.  My 10th birthday. Actually on my 10th birthday.  Haven’t seen her since. I think I remember police coming to the house. I also remember thinking she walked out on us. Lately, I kinda think my dad has been in denial all these years and that’s what really happened.

She’s 47 now.

Dad doesn’t really talk about it.  And I don’t really remember the details, and I’m sort of glad about that. She’s missing so much of my life. Her loss.

I admit, there were some good memories. I guess. We used to read “Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There.” I remember falling asleep to the sound of her voice reciting “The Walrus and The Carpenter”. That story still makes me laugh, it’s so full of nonsense. Sort of like the nonsense it would take to leave your daughter behind?

Anyway, I don’t have time to worry about that anymore. As I noted, my dad, my kid sister Natalie and I are moving to London later this month. Ugh.

(How totally weird if tonight was the night my mom came back home. Yeah right.)

It’s so dark in our apartment now, even with all the candles. If I baked a birthday cake, there’s certainly enough candles to  put on it.